VoIP Hosted PBX Solutions

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What are the prominent features of VoIP hosted PBX Solutions?

The best features of VoIP hosted PBX solutions are

Highlights for the incoming call – For an incoming call, some of the best features are Call forwarding, Call pick up, Call routing, Call waiting, Caller ID, do not disturb function, Quere ring up

Highlights for the outgoing call – For the outgoing call some of the best features are Direct outward dialing, emergency number, speed dial, blind transfer etc

Features best for business – Blacklist call monitor, Direct Inward System Access, Call Recording, Custom Prompts, Dialed Number Identification Service, Skype integration, Remote Management, CRM Integration, Interactive Voice Response, Desktop Client One Touch Recording, Paging, Phone Provisioning, PIN List.

Features best for management – Call Detail Records, Event Notification, Event Logs Exporting/Importing Extension, Feature Code, PBX Monitor, Resource Monitor, Shared-Line-Appearance, System Prompt, Web-based Control Panel

Other features – Fax to Email Voicemail, SMS to Email, Visual Voicemail, Video calls, Three-way calling etc.

voip hosted pbx solutions in Adelaide

What are the benefits of VoIP Hosted PBX solutions

If you are tired of using the traditional phone system then hosted PBX solutions will come to your rescue, there are numerous benefits of hosted PBX solutions for all types of business. It is now time to switch to the new system. Given below are some of the benefits :


It is a cost-effective system, fewer expenses occur in the form of repairs and downtime is also very less. Additionally, it is not a complicated system and is quite affordable. It requires an internet connection for calling.


A hosted PBX enables your communication requirements to scale up without any problem. You can also add phone lines, extensions and connect to mobile devices without facing the limitations as it was in the traditional phone system.


The whole process of hosted PBX solutions is highly flexible and easy to work and with lesser cost. Along with it, you get superior call quality and internet connection.

Low Maintenance

You don’t have to worry about the maintenance of the hosted PBX. Thus you will experience more uptime. Also, no need to shell out money on keeping staff for maintaining the system.


You can connect every call without any lagging response times, delays or lapses in call quality. This internet-based phone calls it best in terms of improved quality than the traditional phone system.

How Do We Work?

We work on three phases of planning, building and delivering results. Let us understand the process of our work for PB hosting in detail:

Planning phase – This phase involves the business requirement, cost associated. We understand the need of the customers and design the phone system accordingly.

Building phase – This phase is about getting the client on board and design the process best suited for your business; we make sure to help you in every situation.

Delivery – In this phase, we provide the system to our clients; we manage the system. We deliver our best PBX hosting.

What are PBX Hosted Tips and Considerations?

The essential tips and consideration while opting for VoIP PBX hosting services are:

  • Availability of a temporary number for porting process
  • Routing of the calls is the first and foremost step
  • For routing make sure you are aware of the buttons used to activate voicemail
  • Set up a phone directory first.
  • Sequential and simultaneous ringing should be set up.
  • Make sure to handle the off-hour calls of customers well
  • Remember to configure the 911 emergency number.

Why Choose Prominent IT Solutions As A Hosted PBX Solutions Provider?

There are many reasons to look out for when choosing our services, we offer affordable web design solutions and provide quality results. Have a look at some of the best reasons to choose our services:

  • Automated Process – We have an automatic process, where we route all the calls to the right team based on our customer’s inputs.
  • Collect all information – You can provide all the information to your customers before even starting an actual call.
  • Professional Team – Whether you have a large business or a small one, our expert team will handle every type of business.
  • Excellent customer experience – With accurate call routing, avoid the customer wait time one of the best features of our hosted PBX solutions.
  • 24*7 availability – We make sure that IVR number is accessible even after office hours.

Get Quality VoIP Hosted PBX Service At An Affordable Price.