Website Hosting Services In Adelaide

If you are also looking for the web hosting services in Adelaide, then with Prominent IT solutions, a prominent web hosting service provider, you can get every hosting.

We are the best web hosting company that provides blazing fast hosting all over Australia. We are expert in all hosting, such as WordPress hosting, VPS hosting etc. In addition to this, we have expertise in best website hosting services.

Our fast and dedicated Web Hosting services Adelaide include:

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Shared Hosting

If you have a small business, then shared hosting is the best choice for you, as it is a cheap website hosting option.

VPS Hosting

With VPS hosting, you have several admin rights and root access, you have more control over the hosting.

Dedicated Hosting

For a more secure type of hosting, you can select dedicated hosting, as it ensures a single server for your website.

WordPress Hosting

Working on a WordPress website then select our WordPress hosting services that are compatible with your website.

Reseller Hosting

If you are looking for the more profitable option, then you can choose re seller hosting as you have complete control over the resource.

Domain registration

Additionally, we also help in registration for the domain you always wanted for your website.

What is the Web hosting Adelaide features that will help your website grow?

Free SSL Certificate – Get a free SSL certificate for your website and gain customers trust by displaying https:// before your website URL.

Free Site Builder – For our customer, we provide a free site builder option, that will help you save money.

SSD Storage – You will get a faster running website and faster loading pages by our SSD storage disks.

Secure Email Accounts – We also provide secure email accounts with each hosting. You can set up email forwarding easily with us.

c Panel (Control Panel) – Another feature is the c Panel control panel where you can manage your hosting features.

Instant Account Setup – With our quick and efficient services, we can set up the account instantly without taking much time.

Latest PHP & MySQL – We use the newest version of PHP and MYSQL in each hosting.

Data center Choice – We also provide the option of selecting the data centre of your choice from the given option.

Malware Scan and Removal – In addition to all the features mentioned above, we also remove the malware and timely scan for any viruses.

web hosting services in Adelaide

What does Prominent IT solutions Website Hosting process involve?

Our web hosting service Adelaide process is divided into five significant steps; these are:


First step involves researching the type of website you want. For example, basic or a dynamic website.

Hosting Server

Next step is choosing the best hosting server for our website.

Selecting Hosting Plan

Now comes selecting the best hosting plan for your website, there are various options available to choose.

Change DNS address

Next step is changing the DNS server of the website.

Uploading the website

In the last step, we upload the website in choice of server you want.

What are the benefits of website hosting services Adelaide?

Website hosting services are essential for single-user as well for business. Mentioned below are the benefits of website hosting services.

For Data management – With hosting services, you get complete data management facilities for your website. No need to worry about the growing database.

Impact site performance – With increasing visitors on your website, your website often lows down, website hosting will ensure your website run fast and does not affect the overall user experience of the website.

24*7 Technical support – If you have a website, then it is essential it works smoothly if somehow your site goes down, then you need technical help, and web hosting service providers provide that facility.

Unlimited Email addresses – With web hosting services Adelaide, you get unlimited email address associated with the domain. For reaching out to the customer, you need a professional email address associated with the domain.

Security – You always have to ensure that your website is secure and website hosting providers make sure your website remains safe and malware-free.

Reliability – When choosing a hosting company, you have to make sure they are reliable and have excellent uptime. Check the online review before selecting a hosting provider.

Time saver – Time is very crucial when you are running your business, thus opt for affordable web hosting that will take care of your website and saves your cost and time.

website hosting in adelaide

Tips for choosing the best domain name

Selecting a domain name is also not easy, with these quick tips you can choose the best domain name for your website:

  1. The domain name should be short
  2. It should not be in slang language
  3. Keywords focus
  4. Target the keyword well
  5. Avoid number and special characters like hyphen
  6. The domain name should have recall value.
  7. Select domain extension well
  8. Make a quick decision
website hosting services in adelaide

How to choose a website host?

We understand the selecting a perfect hosting provider is difficult. Thus we are there to help you in telling tips that can be used for choosing the website host.

  1. Research well before selecting a hosting provider
  2. Know about how much bandwidth and storage you need for your website.
  3. You should also know about the different types of hosting.
  4. Check what is in store with the unlimited offer of the hosting provider
  5. Additionally, it would help if you had a domain name first.

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