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A ransomware attack is becoming a big problem for organizations these days. Usually, the ransomware issue lasts for a few days, but it can even get extended to weeks or, in worst cases, for some never-ending months. In today’s world, cyber security is becoming crucial for organizations to avoid being victim of such malicious events. If you want to know that what to do if ransomware has struck, then here are the essential steps for you:

Important Steps To Follow When Hit By Ransomware

Once you wake and realize about a ransomware attack on your system, the following are the steps that will improve your ransomware preparedness level:

1.Determine the depth of the attack.

The first step is to understand how many computers are infected, as you need to isolate them from the remaining network. Ensure that you lock down the network sharing of multiple drives until you track the entire depth of the attack. You can search for files with newly encrypted extensions such as .locky or .cry to understand how many files, drives, and servers are affected by the ransomware attack.

2.Find out the ‘patient zero.’

Now you need to search which system was the first one to report the infection. It is essential to check the effects of one of the affected files and find who the owner is. This will help you understand the correct end-user target, or the individual who might have clicked on the ransomware link that led to the attack.

3.Remove the impacted users from the network

It is time to remove all the individuals who are reporting trouble in opening the files or can find the file with abrupt names before you proceed to implement damage control. At this step, you need to inform the other users about the type of attack other systems are facing, and they need to be cautious.

4.Mitigate the ransomware

This attack can lock down all the files on a computer within minutes and even impact the entire network. Now, you need to reach the end-users terminal and take necessary actions to neutralize the ransomware attack.

5.Deploy decryption tools

Check whether decryption tools are available for the ransomware strain that attacked your system. There are numerous such tools available; however, you need to be careful about the variant. If decryption tools are not available for your ransomware strain, then you have no other option than to restore the files from backup.

It is indeed an issue to be worried about when your system is hit by ransomware. You can also look for professional help for such issues. If you are looking for trusted IT support in Adelaide, then Prominent IT Solutions is just a call away.

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